powdersPowders & Semi-Powders

Mixing and packing into stick sachets. The process is handled in a dust free environment using vacuum conveyors on each stage. There are weighing modules and metal detectors installed at critical points of the process. Raw materials are also sieved before mixing. Mixing efficiency is validated. Ready sachets are checked regularly for their tightness using a water vacuum tank. Our annual capacity is up to 80 million sticks.

blisteringBlistering and cartoning line

We processes tablets, hardgels, softgels and chewable products. We have installed camera system to automatically reject faulty blisters. Our machines can be easily adapted to new formats, making it simple for us to offer our customers packing measurements tailored to their individual needs. The new tooling is provided free of charge. Our annual capacity is up to 60 million blisters


jarJar and Bottle Filling

Our packaging lines are suitable for filling jars and bottles made of plastic, glass or aluminum with capsules and tablets. Additional line facilitates fill of liquids and semi-liquids into bottles with volumes ranging from 20 – 1000 ml. Both lines are complemented with labelling and capping machines. Annual capacity is estimated at 45 million plastic jars and 2.5 million bottles (as per 300ml).


hard gelatinHard Gelatin Capsules

We offer automatic fill of hardgels with powders and pellets. Available sizes are 1, 0, 00, 000. We work on shells made of gelatin as well as of plant origin. Line capacity is 225 million capsules annually.



Starting from 2018 we offer full scope of tableting services including wet granulation in fluid bed dryer and tablet water based coating. Our team is made of technologists with long experience in formulation of dry dosage forms. The hi-tec tableting line is brand new and has been partially financed with EU grants. Estimated capacity is approx. 75 million tablets annually.