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The Europharma Alliance’s offer includes a wide range of comprehensive services related to contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. It is service production upon commission, which is often also referred to as external manufacturing or production outsourcing.

Keeping in mind customers’ requirements, as well as changes in the law of dietary supplements manufacture taking place dynamically, we guarantee professional execution of orders, using the highest quality manufacturing standards. Thanks to more than ten years of experience in the industry, we have managed to create our own team of highly qualified and committed specialists dealing with comprehensive product design and implementation.

How does contract production take place?

Contract production, which is the main profile of Europharma Alliance, is performed using the most modern and technologically advanced devices that meet strict standards in the field of dietary supplements production. As a result, we are able to provide the market with the highest quality products, while striving to keep production costs relatively low.

In the field of contract production, we offer the production and charging of tablets, capsules, powders, as well as pouring gel into sachets. Our production facilities include automatic cartoning machines, special screw caps, as well as professional labelling devices. As part of our clients’ orders, we implement regular production of tablets and capsules packed in blisters and containers of various sizes.

Safety and compliance with regulations

As part of the technical agreements we have concluded, we provide our clients with the necessary infrastructure to ensure that dietary supplements produced by Europharma Alliance comply with current European Union food safety regulations. Our activities include primarily:

  • product risk assessment,
  • stability test,
  • controlling the level of environmental pollution,
  • monitoring of production, storage and transport in terms of temperature and humidity.

All routine inspections are performed in the internal laboratory of the Europharma Alliance, while more complex tests are conducted in independent GLP laboratory units.

What forms of dietary supplements do we offer?

Acting as an experienced contract producer, we can offer the following forms of production:

  • tablets, including those coated with water-based coatings,
  • hard capsules, which we produce in two types of shells: gelatin and vegetable,
  • stickpack type foil sachets, which are great for packing small, several-gram portions of dietary supplements,
  • Blisters, including multi-colored foils,
  • jars and bottles that can be made of glass, aluminium or plastic.

The form of a dietary supplement is actually determined by many different factors, including its composition.

We treat each order individually and with full professionalism – we are also open to new challenges and opportunities. Many years of experience, a team of qualified specialists, as well as modern production facilities ensure the highest quality of products manufactured by Europharma Alliance, one of the main producers of contract dietary supplements in Europe.