Hard Gelatine Capsules Manufacturing

Dedicated TiO2 coatings even for the most challenging formulas
Hard Gelatine Capsules Manufacturing

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Certified quality

Management System HACCP Certificate
FDA Inspected Certificate
Management System FSSC 22000 Certificate

Quality control

for the manufacture of hard capsules
The process of manufacturing hard capsules is subject to very strict quality control at every stage of the process:
Selection and quality verification of raw materials for production
The completeness and consistency of the documentation shall be verified and each raw material shall be assessed in accordance with the analysis plan.
The process of weighing the ingredients is carried out in accordance with an approved technological specification that assigns an individual code to each substance in order to ensure full traceability.
Detailed operating instructions define the order and method of mixing all the ingredients. The operator makes an organoleptic assessment of the mixture - colour, smell, taste.
If necessary, prior to tabletting, the raw materials undergo a granulation process. The process ends with a calibration using sieves which guarantee that granules with the desired particle size are obtained.
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Production process steps

We operate BIN mixers as well as "V" type mixers. In large scale production we mix batches with batch sizes up to 220kg. We have 8 high capacity BINs, which allows us to handle several production processes at the same time, without having to take into account changeover time.We validate the mixing processes and prepare dedicated instructions for each manufactured product, described in the product manufacturing technology.

We have the capacity to manufacture up to 45,000 capsules per hour. Currently, our facilities allow us to manufacture hard capsules in sizes 1, 0, 00, 000.

We cooperate with leading capsule suppliers, which enables us to provide fast turnaround times and ensure high product quality.

We work with coatings :

  • gelatine,
  • made of HPMC (vegan),
  • we are fully aware of the possibilities of titanium dioxide (TiO2)-free

We can advise you on the right colour, depending on the batch colour and your marketing objectives.

In our technological park we have an automatic capsule machine, which handles high volume campaigns (vs projects), as well as a semi-automatic one, dedicated to shorter campaigns and more technologically advanced formulations.

The tablets can be supplied as: bulk (BULK), blister, blister and carton, plastic jar with label, pouch.

We have high-performance blistering lines with automatic cartoners and automatic counters for packing into jars or pouches.

Our packing plant is also suitable for unconventional orders where products are packed manually.

Questions for the hard capsule production service

Is it possible to fill granules into hard capsules?

If required, our production lines can be retrofitted with suitable dosing units for filling with granules.

Is it possible to encapsulate as two-colour capsules?

Depending on the customer's needs, we can make transparent, coloured or two-coloured hard capsules.

Are the capsule shells free from titanium dioxide (TiO2)?

White titanium dioxide-free covers are now available on the market. These coatings, unlike those with TiO2, are translucent. This means that their selection should also take into account the colour of the charge, as in the case of dark-coloured formulations the final visual effect may differ from expectations.

Do you manufacture hard capsule products according to the 'clean label' convention?

We produce hard capsules free of excipients or with excipients that allow to maintain the so-called "clean label". Each time a technologist evaluates the technological composition of a product, on the basis of which we make an appropriate recommendation.

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