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produkcja masy żelatynowej
Production of gelatine mass
Production of filling
Kapsułkowanie kapsułek miękkich
Soft capsule encapsulation

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Quality control

for the manufacture of soft capsules
The manufacturing process of soft capsules is subject to very strict quality control at every stage of the process:
Selection and quality verification of raw materials for production
The completeness and consistency of the documentation shall be verified and each raw material shall be assessed in accordance with the analysis plan
Production of gelatine pulp
Process in which the uniformity of the bubble-free mass and the colour is controlled
The process of weighing the ingredients is carried out in accordance with an approved technological specification that assigns an individual code to each substance in order to ensure full traceability
Production of filling
Process including mixing. Detailed operating instructions define the order and method of mixing all ingredients. The operator makes an organoleptic assessment of the mixture - colour, smell, aeration.
The operator continuously checks, confirming the compliance of soft capsules with the technological production instructions and specifications: temperature and humidity conditions in the production room, masses of whole capsules and, more specifically, masses of the shell or charge. The thickness of gelatine strips, the speed of encapsulation and the temperatures of the injection segment, gelatine mass and filling are also constantly monitored.
The temperature and humidity conditions in the drying tunnels and the hardness of the produced capsules are monitored
Polishing & sorting
At this stage, the surface cleanliness of the capsules after polishing is checked
A stage during which parameters such as uniformity of shape, purity of the capsule surface and physicochemical parameters are controlled.
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Process steps in the manufacture of soft capsules

Production of gelatine mass
The production process of gelatin mass is carried out in a mixer with a heating jacket. Raw materials are drawn through a vacuum system into the mixer, where they are mixed, dissolved and vented.The resulting gelatin mass can be colorless or colored.
The process of weighing the ingredients is carried out in accordance with an approved technological specification that assigns an individual code to each substance in order to ensure full traceability
Production of filling
We specialize in manufacturing oil filled capsules. We can encapsulate pure oils, oil blends and single and combined combinations of fat soluble vitamins - A,D,E,K.
Soft capsule encapsulation
We have a soft capsule machine from the renowned Technophar company. Currently we have the formats 5 oval, 10 oval and 5 twist off, but on request we are able to order any matrix in a short time. Our soft capsule machine is very efficient and suitable for large production volumes.
We dry the capsules in the pre-drying drums cooperating with the capsule machine, and then we place them on the trays in the tunnel dryer. Thanks to the two-stage drying model we are able to precisely determine the moment of drying the capsules. We determine the end of drying by testing the hardness of the capsules using a modern hardness meter.
In this process, we polish the capsules until their surface is smooth and shiny.
The sorting process ensures uniformity in the size of soft capsules, all capsules that fall outside the product specifications are rejected. This process makes the blister packing process fast and smooth.

The tablets can be supplied as: bulk (BULK), blister, blister and carton, plastic jar with label, pouch.

We have high-capacity blistering lines with automatic cartoners and automatic counting machines for packing into jars or pouches.

Our packing plant is also adapted to carry out non-standard orders where products are packed manually.

Questions for the production of soft capsules

What size capsules do you produce?

Currently we have equipment for 5Oval, 10Oval, 5 Twist-off capsules, but in a relatively short period of time we can equip ourselves with practically every capsule size offered on the market.

Do you produce vegan/vegetarian gelatin capsules?

No. Our products are always based on animal gelatin.

What is the minimum quantity of capsules we can order from you?

The minimum quantity depending on the size of the capsules is shown in the table below:

Minimum quantity (pcs.)
2 oval
3 oval
4 oval
5 oval
5 twist off
7,5 oval
10 oval
12 oval
600 000
500 000
400 000
400 000
250 000
300 000
300 000
200 000
250 000
16 oblong
200 000
20 oblong
Do you encapsulate the oils that we deliver directly to you?

Yes, after laboratory and technological tests and approval of your oils we are able to make such capsules.

What types of gelatin do you use to make capsules?

Depending on customer expectations, we can use beef, pork, fish, Bio-Organic pork gelatin.

Do you produce dyed capsules?

Yes, we can produce both colorless capsules as well as tinted to your desired color. We can also produce two-color capsules.

What fillings do you encapsulate?

Oil-based formulations are our main formulation for the production of soft capsules. In order to prepare more demanding forms, such as suspensions or emulsions, it is necessary to carry out case-by-case technological evaluation of the appropriate formulation by our experts.

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The minimum order quantity for sachets is 300,000 sachets
The minimum order quantity for tablets is 300,000 tablets
The minimum order quantity for hard capsules is 300,000 capsules
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