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We offer you a service of blister packing of soft capsules, hard capsules and tablets as well as packing these blisters into individual boxes.

We have at our disposal a modern line adjusted to large production runs - Uhlmann BEC 300, with a capacity of up to 300 blisters per minute, and a cartoner with a capacity of up to 150 boxes per minute.

The process of blistering and packing into cartons is fully automated. For shorter runs, we also have blistering lines whose capacity is optimised for shorter production runs.

We offer you a service of packaging soft capsules, hard capsules and tablets in jars. We use the offers of leading manufacturers of this form of packaging.

We pack our products in standard jars as well as those made of PLC, rPET and PCR materials.

We cooperate with selected printing houses, thanks to which we can offer labelling with labels of sophisticated decorative possibilities - embossing, metallization.

Cardboard boxes
We offer you packaging services for blister packs, soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets and sachets in cartons. We use the offers of leading printing houses.

We use cartons with advanced decorative techniques (hot stamping, metallization, soft touch, flock) as well as plain, ECO-certified cartons.

We offer you a service of packaging soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets and sachets in pouches. We cooperate with selected manufacturers of pouches made in a technology ensuring full recyclability while maintaining a high level of barrier properties. Each time, the possibility of using this form of packaging is consulted with a technologist.

Our packing facility is also adapted to carry out non-standard orders, operated manually.

Questions for the packaging service

What blister formats do you have?

We have many different blister formats, depending on what product you want to package. Our current blister die-cutters are 106x63, 97x80, 91x65,120x80 and larger. The size of a blister is selected according to the specific product and the quantity of the product which is to be placed on it.

Do you pack in Alu-Alu blisters?

No, at the moment we do not offer this service, however our blister machine is adapted to this form of packaging, so if necessary and if the order is big enough we can equip it with a suitable blister format.

Do you pack in glass jars?

Yes, we are able to pack your products in glass as well as plastic jars.

Do you implement a serialization service.

No, we do not offer such a service. This is a service dedicated to the pharmaceutical market.

How do you secure the jars to be sure the product is well protected?

In case of jars, we protect them with various sealing inserts, which either permanently connect with the rim of the jar by means of glue activated by the tightening force of the cap or we use heat-sealable inserts. For additional protection, we can also offer the service of applying heat-shrinkable seals to jar caps.

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The minimum order quantity for tablets is 300,000 tablets
The minimum order quantity for hard capsules is 300,000 capsules
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