Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing
Contract manufacturing

Wide range of professional services

In Europharma Alliance, as one of the few in Poland, we offer such a wide range of professional services in contract manufacturing of dietary supplements.

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contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Our new plant, is equipped with modern production lines, recognized in the world of machinery manufacturers for the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements:

  • Coated tablets (Sejiong)
  • Soft capsules (Technophar)
  • Hard capsules (Ultra III)
  • Flat and stick packs (INVPack, Masek Viking)

Packaging services

We provide packaging services for finished moulds manufactured on site. We have modern blistering lines at our disposal, including the Uhlmann BEC 300 line with an integrated cartoner, adapted to handle high volume production batches.

We provide services of packing into jars on automatic counting machines, filling into pouches and other untypical forms of packaging. Our packing room is adapted to handle both repetitive, high-volume orders, as well as unconventional productions, where packaging is done manually.

Contract manufacturing

Experienced team

An experienced team of technologists and R&D specialists allows us to effectively implement new products with our customers, both through technology transfer and the development of new, unique formulations.

A flexible approach, understanding of business conditions and experience gained in many markets, diverse in terms of price or legislative sensitivity, have allowed us to gain the trust of large pharmacy chains, major pharmaceutical companies and large direct sales organisations.

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Soft gelatine capsules
miekkie tabletki
Sachets & stick packs
Hard capsules
kapsulki twarde
The minimum order quantity for soft capsules is 400,000 capsules
The minimum order quantity for sachets is 300,000 sachets
The minimum order quantity for tablets is 300,000 tablets
The minimum order quantity for hard capsules is 300,000 capsules
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