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The process of manufacturing hard capsules is subject to very strict quality control at every stage of the process:
Sachet Manufacturing

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Scope of contract manufacturing
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Certified quality

Management System HACCP Certificate
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Management System FSSC 22000 Certificate

Quality control

for the manufacture of hard capsules
The process of manufacturing hard capsules is subject to very strict quality control at every stage of the process:
Selection and quality verification of raw materials for production
Weryfikowana jest kompletność i spójność dokumentacji oraz dokonywana jest ocena każdego z surowców zgodnie z planem analiz
The process of weighing the ingredients is carried out in accordance with an approved technological specification that assigns an individual code to each substance in order to ensure full traceability.
Detailed operating instructions define the order and method of mixing all the ingredients. The operator makes an organoleptic assessment of the mixture - colour, smell, taste.
The operator shall continuously monitor the weight, size and tightness of the sachets, as well as the quality of the printing of the batch number and expiry date on the sachets
During the blistering process, the quality of the stamping of the batch number and expiry date, the geometry of the blister and its tightness are checked.
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Steps in the sachet production process

We have BIN and "V" type mixers. In large scale production we mix batches with batch sizes up to 220kg. We have 8 high capacity BINs, which allows us to handle several production processes at the same time, without having to take into account changeover time.

We validate the mixing processes and prepare dedicated instructions for each manufactured product, described in the product manufacturing technology.

We are able to produce up to 18,000 flat sachets per hour and up to 16,800 stick packs. Stick packs are produced in two widths - 23mm and 40mm and in lengths from 60mm to 200mm.

Flat sachets are produced in the width of 60mm and length from 60mm to 160mm. We work with leading laminate manufacturers, so we have experience of working with high barrier laminates, including recyclable laminates.

Produced sachets can be packed in traditional cardboard boxes or with a dedicated structure. We also pack sachets in doypacks (made of recyclable laminates) or tubes.

Questions for contract manufacturing
in the form of sachets

Do you make double sachets?

In our machine park, we can produce flat sachets with a side cut as single sachets or as double sachets with perforations between the sachets. Each sachet is marked with a batch number and expiry date respectively.

How much powder can you pack?

Depending on the powder bulk density and other technical parameters, we are able to pack the product in sachets of approx. 2 g to approx. 15 g.

Do you also sachet gels or liquids?

At the moment, our machinery is optimised for the production of loose forms. We do not sachet liquid or semi-liquid formulations.

Is it possible to choose different types of laminates?

We can make sachets using traditional technology as well as paper laminates. In addition, we can manufacture from mono laminates which are recyclable.

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