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Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

As one of the few CMO plants in Poland, we are able to offer such a wide range of finished forms to our customers: hard capsules, soft capsules, coated tablets, sachets. We work on modern lines of recognised manufacturers, with high efficiency.

Automation of production processes, as well as production planning contributes to the effective shortening of lead times for production orders and guarantees an attractive level of prices for our services.

Product development

Product development

We manage new development projects from the initial idea of product formulation, through selection of optimal manufacturing technology, validation of manufacturing processes, to stability studies and implementation into large-scale production.

Our team of experienced employees is able to take care of the technological and legislative side, as well as the communication itself, providing solutions that optimise the chances of successful commercialisation of new products.

Risk assessment

Risk assesment

We pay particular attention to the safety of the products we offer. Risk analysis takes into account the assessment of quality and legislative risks of components, which are considered at the design stage of new implementations.

Validation of alternative suppliers of raw materials or packaging materials are activities that contribute to ensuring the continuity of high quality supplies for products that are already on the market.

We respond quickly to enquiries

Have an idea for a new solution?
Worried about registration risks?
Not sure how to get the best results?

All the above questions will be answered within a short period of time. Our team effectively undertakes out-of-the-box, dedicated development projects. Contact us and a dedicated key account, will discuss the key elements of your idea with you.

If you are concerned about the protection of your intellectual property, we will sign an NDA with you to ensure that sensitive data is protected and communicated freely.

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